The Importance of Domain Name Ownership

Rich on Spinach says the following (with some edition):

Every company has to start small. As time passes you might need a website for your business and a domain name. At which point you probably engage with a website designers or small agency to produce the website. This person or company might even buy the domain name for you and set everything up. Great, you don’t need to worry about it and can focus on building the business.

As time goes on the person who built your website might move away or take another job or the agency you worked with outgrew your business or maybe you outgrew them. Either way you have parted company, be it on good or bad terms. Your website hosting is ok as that is something you have in your name and your business email is setup with a third party so you have nothing to worry about.

At some point in the future, someone, like A carries out a digital review and analysis of your business and finds that you are not the registered owner of your primary (and most probably any other domains you think you own). This is the problem and is a major risk to your business.


In most circumstances anyone that registers a domain for you will register the ownership details with your information. If however, they are lazy or inexperienced they might just register the domain with their individual or business information. That doesn’t sound too bad and could be fixed easily, sure, if you can still get hold of that person or company. We’ve been working with some clients who had this exact same situation.


Technically, someone malicious could, do things to your website or worst still turn it off completely. This would also impact on your business email. Imagine one morning you’re on the way into the office and you try checking your email, nothing. Can’t connect to your server. This could easily happen if you don’t have complete ownership of your domain name.


The process you will need to follow depends on a few aspects. Do you know the person who is registered as the domain owner? Can you contact them? Are they willing to transfer the domain name over to you? Sometimes you’ll need to do some investigation into who this person is and how to contact them. At Spinach we have a number of methods for tracking down people and businesses online.


On Amac Online I prefer my clients to have ownership of their domain names. We do this because we value our clients and their ambition for their future business.

Are you on Amac Online?

Do you own your domain name?

If not then email me at and I will ensure to transfer the domain ownership to your name.

Thank you. 🙂

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